Allan McCullom

Be Mine, Valentine

In honor of the amorous holiday, here are five things we L-O-V-E:

  1. New York artist, Allan McCollum. His exploration of imagery and mass production gave way to a series of mesmerizing installations and general commentary on today’s culture. Shown: The Shapes Project, Friedrich Petzel Gallery 2006.
  2. Singer-songwriter from Québec, Coeur de Pirate (Béatrice Martin) and her self-titled debut album.
  3. Our grey basket light on rope (it looks fabulous over a breakfast table).
  4. Star Provisions’ Fromager des Clarines. This gourmet cheese is absolutely divine on baguette or water crackers. Go to to check out this favorite foodie spot.
  5. White orchids from Michal Evans. So simple and sumptuous! But, then again, their floral arrangements and overall presentation are always absolutely exquisite. Go to for more info.
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