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New design trend and decorative item? Stacked books and magazines!  They make a great side table or nightstand as well as tabletop accessory… so dust off your old books and mags and put them to good use!



Eeeeeek—Babylonstoren in South Africa? We gotta go! This hot spot looks completely fabulous: it's a farm, restaurant and hotel rolled into one. We can only imagine what kind of sumptuous dishes they prepare with their fresh produce...


Coral and Turquoise

Coral and turquoise. A bright way to start the weekend!


Warby Parker and Red's

So, we currently have two eyewear go-to's: Warby Parker and Red's Outfitters. Warby Parker offers glasses with anti-reflective lenses for $95 (brilliant!) and the selection is NOT what you would expect for glasses that cost $95. You can also order samples to try on at home before making your decision (again, brilliant!). Lastly, for every pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need. Talk about a real feel-good buy…

We are also loving (Atlanta's own) Red's Outfitters right now!  They offer classic styles in colors you won't find anywhere else. A portion of their profits also go to a good cause—a foundation they started called Shallow Water Blackout Prevention.

These are two "must-see's" …literally!


Black and White

Black and white:  it’s been declared one of this year’s biggest fashion trends and truly what's not to love? It's the classic color combo that can't go awry. Not to mention, opposites attract, right? Just some things we like and hope you do, too!


Mudrooms and Rain Boots

With all of the RAINY weather we’ve had recently in Atlanta, we thought this post to be apropos. We hope you enjoy these images of spaces and places to stash, store, remove and collect your rainy weather gear.

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