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Fab Gift Ideas

Addicted to!  It's the one-shop-stop for all of your gifts—everything is unique and special. If you haven't already, you MUST check it out. Here are some of our picks:


Holiday Mantra


12 Days of Festive Frocks

One of the best things about the holidays? All the friendly gatherings and parties!  We didn't mind shopping around for for dresses to suit any and all of these occasions… if we had our way, our closet would be armed with these dresses to wear on our nights out!


Lennon & Maisy

Have you had the chance to check out these sisters' talents on YouTube? If you've been watching Nashville on ABC like us, then you've already seen them in action as the daughters of Rayna James.  Lennon and Maisy Stella (13 and 8) were actually cast the roles after some head honcho saw them perform on the internet… their talent is far beyond their years. Must see: check out their cover of "Call Your Girlfriend" and "Headlock" on YouTube! Most importantly, though, be sure to download their awesome new Christmas single on iTunes :)


A Can of White Paint

These are true words of wisdom! White is so clean and easy, and NEVER fails (like Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl #961. We rely on it for everything!). Need some examples? We found plenty…


1 Dining Room 2 Ways

Sometimes it only takes one piece to transform the style of a room. For example: if you use the mirror with the dining room furniture and chandelier, the result is a more traditional look. If you use the watercolor to the right, the space would take on a more modern eclectic feel. Isn't it crazy how something like that can have such a big effect??

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