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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a space-saving statement and can accommodate any style—or any place!  Pantry, bedroom, closet… and the list goes on...



We will always swoon over fabulous workspaces; we just can't help it. Maybe it's the organization or the inspirational contents, but whatever it is, it makes us want to get to work!  Hopefully the work areas and offices below will inspire you as much as they do us!


Pink Me Up

Just a little "pink"-me-up to get through the day!



New design trend and decorative item? Stacked books and magazines!  They make a great side table or nightstand as well as tabletop accessory… so dust off your old books and mags and put them to good use!



Eeeeeek—Babylonstoren in South Africa? We gotta go! This hot spot looks completely fabulous: it's a farm, restaurant and hotel rolled into one. We can only imagine what kind of sumptuous dishes they prepare with their fresh produce...


Coral and Turquoise

Coral and turquoise. A bright way to start the weekend!

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