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Red + Grey

We will forever be in love with this red and grey house in Marrakesh! No matter how many times we come across it in our inspiration folder, the magic still remains...



Our new shipment is on its way!  Hurricane Sandy created a small delay—as the ship carrying our container had to float a little off course to get out of her way—but everything is back on track, and we're expecting our new goodies to arrive next week!  As always, we wanted to share a glimpse of our buying trip with you. Here's a review in snapshots!



On our bucket list: attending an Outstanding in the Field supper! For those of you who are not familiar with this touring event (we missed it when it came to Ranger, Georgia on October 10th), ticket holders farmers, producers and culinary artisans for a meal consisting of fresh, local ingredients. The (very!) long dinner table is usually set up on the farm from which those ingredients came, so oftentimes, diners are sitting just feet away from the produce served on their plate! We certainly won't be missing it the next time around!



We're back!

We're so happy to be back! Yes, we realize we're well into Fall, but there are too many things we wanted to share with you over the summer so we're going to backtrack and play a little catchup. We just can't hold out any longer! So, try to put yourself in a summery mood (or wait to read this in the afternoon when—if you live nearby, anyway—it warms up 20-something degrees and you've opened all your windows to enjoy temperatures in the 70's!). We hope you like our warm weather inspirations and the more "seasonal" posts to come!



Black and Gold

Nothing makes gold sparkle and shine more than it does when pitted against black… and the result is always elegant and rich…



The living space can set the tone for an entire home. We here at SOM  try to disregard the notion that living spaces should be traditional in look and feel. Instead, why not create an interesting space by incorporating a stand out piece of upholstery, a bold colored rug or an unexpected furniture arrangement?  Take a cue from the images below and transform your own living space!

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