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A Can of White Paint

These are true words of wisdom! White is so clean and easy, and NEVER fails (like Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl #961. We rely on it for everything!). Need some examples? We found plenty…


1 Dining Room 2 Ways

Sometimes it only takes one piece to transform the style of a room. For example: if you use the mirror with the dining room furniture and chandelier, the result is a more traditional look. If you use the watercolor to the right, the space would take on a more modern eclectic feel. Isn't it crazy how something like that can have such a big effect??


Burning Red

In honor of Taylor Swift's new album (which, of course, we love)...


Diane Keaton House

Right now we are loving Diane Keaton's new coffee table book, House.  Well, of course we do—it features the work of architects who have repurposed old structures (sounds right up our alley, doesn't it?). The pictures are beautiful and the architecture is creative and unexpected. You'll definitely want to pick this one up if you're seeking a little design inspiration!


Fall Obsessions

We love the changing seasons because it means we can finally put on our favorite winter pieces! We do, however, have our eye on a few new items… here's what's on our list at the moment:



One of our current obsessions: Sydney Hale candles. We love their dual purpose, because once they've burned down completely, they can be used as glasses, pencil and q-tip holders, or anything else your little heart desires! We particularly heart the Sea Salt & Bay Rum scent and think they are perfect for serving an autumn cocktail (see recipe below!).

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