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Closets and Dressing Rooms

We’ve been trying to clean out our closet(s) for spring. Which always turns into: IF ONLY our closet looked like this or this. The images below have our minds racing over how we would have our own little dressing room/closet.



All the reasons to visit our new sale section!


Oh My Gush!

We're totally GUSHING over our new colorful upholstery!  Come check it out at our Atlanta store!


House Beautiful Rewind!

We were thrilled to have one of our projects featured in the September issue of House Beautiful! We can't believe we haven't shared with you yet!  In case you missed it, here's a recap. 


Which one are you?


Campy Chic

We are in love with the worn and weathered style of this house and the surprise industrial elements of the interior. The easy-going feel of this house makes for the perfect summertime getaway—although we imagine it would be equally wonderful when the leaves turn in the fall!

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