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Lofty Dreams

What a magical combination of textures and materials! We adore everything about this place, from the yellow cart tables (just like the ones we used to have!) and the airy white bedroom, to the enclosed kitchen and the tile under the dining table. Perfect eye candy!


Turquoise Tell-All

Beachy, retro, tranquil, southwestern, youthful… there are so many associations with turquoise, so interpret the beloved blue-green as you please!  We've loved it forever—truly!—all the way back to ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs, to name only a few of the civilizations that originally gave rise to its popularity. But history aside! We were just in a turquoise kind of mood and wanted to pay tribute with some pretty pics. Enjoy!


Reading List

We've started putting together our fall reading list—more suggestions are welcome!


Small Spaces

Love the way this open floor plan is handled! It goes to show that you don't always need a wall to visually seperate different spaces...


Monday Blues

Some pretty "blues" to get your week off to a tranquil start!


Happy Anniversary, SOM Charleston!

Can you believe it's been ten years since we opened our doors in Charleston? We certainly can't—the time has truly flown. To honor a decade in what happens to also be one of our favorite cities (quite conveniently!) we've put together a sort of day-in-the-life / mini travel guide, or all the places we have to hit while we're in town!

For lunch: Two Boroughs Larder. For cocktails: Husk Bar. Order the Summah or the Dhania (or both!) and get the burger with a side of fried pickles. The special sauce is to die for—bottom line, it's a burger worth eating!  For dinner (below): The Ordinary. It's James Beard award winner, Mike Lata's new restaurant with co-owner of their other restaurant, FIG, Adam Nemirow. The oyster hall is housed within an old bank and a sure success with these restauranteurs behind it!

Shopping: we love Hampden Clothing and rarely, if not ever, make a trip to Charleston without stopping in to see what's new. With labels like Alexander Wang, A.L.C., Carven and Rag & Bone, you can see why we get sucked in every time!

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