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Clever Ideas

These are some of our favorite kinds of posts! Here's our latest batch of "clever ideas" ...


Black, White + Graphic

When it comes to favorite "colors," I think it's safe to say we're pretty devoted to black and white. Paired as a color combo or seperately on their own (those of you who have spent enough time with us have probably noticed how we love to dress in black and decorate in white), our love for these basics is a pretty consistent one—and one that allows us to layer pops of whatever saturated hue-of-the-moment we've taken a fancy to!


Pulling Off Purple

What's YOUR purple? We've seen it used across the "stylistic" spectrum and have found it a fitting color choice in even the most unsuspecting design scenarios. A dark, earthy, Belgian-inspired space? Modern and minimalist? Super glam? Rustic chic? Your daughter's room—or your own room?? It's become clear to us that purple can be made to fit the bill, no matter what!



Looking Back: Showhouses

In honor of AH&L's 2013 holiday showhouse (installation currently in progress!) we thought it would only be appropriate to take a look back at some of our favorite showhouse projects of the past. This year's holiday house will be open to tour between November 15th and December 8th so we hope you'll come check it out! For more information and to purchase tickets, visit See you there!



Monday Inspiration


Fashion Favorite

We know we're getting ahead of ourselves, but we are head over heels for Rosie Assoulin's 2014 Resort collection!

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