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New Mantra

This will be our mantra going into the holiday season—a reminder to enjoy every moment!  [Image sources: Stil Inspiration & April and May Studio]


The Perfect Holiday Cocktail

We decided to pull this one out of the archive and repost so you could have one of our favorite cold weather cocktail recipes at hand over the Thanksgiving holiday. We love to serve this drink in our bistro glasses (shown next to recipe below) but were also reminded how lovely it looks in our favorite gift-that-keeps-on-giving: we love our Sydney Hale candles not only for their addictive scent, but also because once the wax has been burned through, the container can be used as a drinking glass that is perfect for cocktails! Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Simple Charm

We thought we'd send you off on your weekend on a "pretty" note. What a smart use of space--and then how can this charming little apartment NOT make you happy!?!


Clever Ideas

These are some of our favorite kinds of posts! Here's our latest batch of "clever ideas" ...


Black, White + Graphic

When it comes to favorite "colors," I think it's safe to say we're pretty devoted to black and white. Paired as a color combo or seperately on their own (those of you who have spent enough time with us have probably noticed how we love to dress in black and decorate in white), our love for these basics is a pretty consistent one—and one that allows us to layer pops of whatever saturated hue-of-the-moment we've taken a fancy to!


Pulling Off Purple

What's YOUR purple? We've seen it used across the "stylistic" spectrum and have found it a fitting color choice in even the most unsuspecting design scenarios. A dark, earthy, Belgian-inspired space? Modern and minimalist? Super glam? Rustic chic? Your daughter's room—or your own room?? It's become clear to us that purple can be made to fit the bill, no matter what!


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