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Clever Ideas: Kids' Spaces

To honor the start of a new school year, we're dedicating this week to the kids!  Need some inspiration for bedrooms and play spaces?  We have a few ideas...




All of you should be aware of our love affair with orange by now. Just wanted to start the weekend with a few new images that are currently making us happy!



Need a pick-me-up? Here, have yourself a bit of eye candy.  What better than great big bursts of color to motivate and inspire? 

Love these saturated hues and swooning over this seaside town on the cliffs!  Do tell if you know where this whimsical little spot is—it's as perfect as a painting. Have a happy day!


Flying By...


We feel this way all the time.  Do you?



Capri Suite Hotel

We are officially in the throes of a summer heat wave across most of the East Coast, but here in Atlanta it has felt like monsoon weather.  The rain has left us daydreaming for a summer getaway. The Capri suite hotel is definitely going on our destination wish list!


Neutral Opportunity

We're certainly suckers for bold pops of color here and there to bring a space to life and give it a personality, but there is something so tranquil and easy about taking the au naturel route. Also, in the absence of color, it's a fantastic opportunity to really play up and emphasize line and form. You have so much more freedom to experiment with different shapes and textures when you stick to a neutral palette because form no longer has to compete with color. A great way to simplify things and still use plenty of creativity!

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